Final draft

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Evaluation question 7

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7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back at my preliminary task to now looking at my completed media product, I believe that I have made vast improvements, from the difference and variety of camera angles to the editting, particularly in the smoothness of cutting each clip. Due to my preliminary task being one of the first tasks I did, I found that the range of camera angles used were limited and my editing didn’t flow smoothly, as a result it looked rather unprofessional. Additionally, I didn’t have more than one shot for what I filmed, therefore, if someone made a mistake in one of the shots, I didn’t have a back-up-clip. Whereas in my final film, I made sure I had a variety of camera angles, for example having a variety of shots with different depth of field. Also, I made sure my editing was smooth by increasing the amount of frames I cut and edited. Furthermore, I filmed each shots more than once, this ensured that I would have back up if I messed up in one of my shots. I also insured that I continued filming at 5 seconds after filming a shot so no action from the shot would be missed.

To carry out the preliminary task I had to follow the 180 degree rule, which is a basic guideline in film making which states that two characters in the same scene should always have the same left/right relationship to each other. If the camera being used to film the footage passes over the imaginary axis connecting the two subjects, it is called crossing the line. The new shot, from the opposite side, is known as a reverse angle.

I think that the editing in my preliminary task wasn’t the best because when I shot each clip I stopped it too early, so some of the dialogue gets cut off. Additionally, some of the dialogue is hard to hear as I did not use voice over for the spoken dialogue. Whereas, if there was dialogue in my in my final media product I would know how to use programmes like voice over. However, my preliminary task was very basic, and it did show how to successfully use the 180 degree rule. Similarly, in my final media product I used the 180 degree rule when my two characters were in the the coffee shop. Therefore, I found tasks like my preliminary task useful as I wouldn’t off learnt the 180 degree rule if I didn’t complete that task.

Evaluation question 6

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6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

To construct my media product I have used many different types of equipment and programmes, from this I was able to develop many new technology skills, firstly through the different equipment I used. To film my footage I used a canon 700D, to prepare myself for my actual filming I learnt how to adjust the aperture to control how much light was let into my footage. This proved useful in my filming as I adjusted the aperture to create a loss of focus throughout my footage, this meant I was able to focus the camera on my actors and work on my depth of field. I used additional equipment with the cannon 700D, such as a tripod as this this meant that my shots were steady and still.

A key programme I also used throughout the construction of my product was Adobe Premier Pro which I have used throughout to edit shots together. Through using this I have become much more versed in editing. Adobe Premiere is an editing program which allows editing to be done in a non linear fashion which saves time and allows for changes in creative thinking as one is able to go back and alter any clip at any time. Learning how to use this program throughout the year has meant I am confident at constructing and editing a media product to a high level.  I used the razar tool on this programme as at the beginning of my media product I had to to cut my shots to show coffee being made repeatably. Also, I used the technique of parallel editing, therefore, I had to use the razar tool to cut my shots so that this technique was shown throughout my media product. In my construction I also used after effects to create my ident and my titles, which was very useful as it allowed me to choose a variety of different fonts to suit my film. My ident was placed at the beginning of my film opening, For this I followed a tutorial from video co pilot, which was very helpful as it provided step-by-step instructions as to how to construct my ident. I choose an ident that I felt was appropriate for the genre of my media product.

Additionally, I used online sites such as wordpress and vimeo, Survey monkey to create target audience surveys and Prezi to analyse the results. I created a blog on wordpress to store all my coursework, wordPress was an especially useful medium for me to use as I could upload work in all formats to the site such as videos, hyperlinks, Screen grabs and images. Then using a vimeo account to uploaded my videos and then embedded them onto my blog so they could be viewed more easily, made it easier for my teachers to access and improved the overall presentation.My target audience survey was done on survey monkey to make it easier for more people to do my survey as I could give them a link which would take them directly to the page. My knowledge of technologies from producing my opening has been greatly enhanced and I would be confident on editing programs and using a camera to film a high quality piece of media text and then be able to document it on the internet in the future.

Evaluation question 5

5.How did you attract/address your audience?

To evaluate the way in which I managed to address my target audience, I can analyse my target audience survey and interview. It was clear from my prezi that most of the respondents from my target audience survey believe a typical convention of a drama crime film to be in an outdoor location, specifically in a town/urban location. I used this in my media product, as I filmed all my footage in an urban environment and in a coffee shop. Despite not being a traditional convention of a crime drug deal film when it is most likely to be filmed at night, I have set it in the day when it is bright so that it was unexpected that my protagonist bought drugs. Similarly this is seen in ‘suits’ when the protagonist Mike buys drugs in a newspaper off the street in the middle of the day. As a result, this could help attract a similar audience to my film. Additionally, I used a female as my protagonist as I felt this would address my audience more accurately as majority of those that filled out my target audience survey were 73% female. This showed that female viewers are more likely to be dominant whilst watching my media product. Furthermore, it was expected that my protagonist should be aged in their late teens as this further makes my media more relatable to my audience which is primarily going to be girls. Therefore, this shows that from analysing my research I was able to construct my media product around attracting and addressing my audience.

Evaluation question 4

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4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

I have decided to make the target audience for my opening typical to that of most drama crime movies so that more people will be attracted to watch my media product firstly because of its genre. The age demographic that I decided to focus on was towards young adults/ late teens from the ages 15-21. I think that aiming my film towards this demographic will be most successful as between that age category is the prime age for any consumer of films, especially in the drama crime genre. My film will appeal to most genders due to the genre being more associated with males, but the main protagonists are female which would appeal more to females, although I do believe on a whole that my media product will appeal more so to females. To make my film content applicable and interesting to viewers I made a survey using survey monkey to question my target audience who had a previous interest in the similar genre and for those that didn’t, on what they would like to see in an opening; this was good as I was able to receive first hand feedback and this helped to make my ideas more concise. Additionally, I received feedback back from people that knew lots about this genre which helped provide relevant and useful information. However, it was also relevant to receive back information from those that don’t commonly watch this type of genre movies as I was able to see what they believe to be essential conventions in a crime movie. Furthermore, it also helped me to develop my media product as it gave me suggestions as to my characters, props and location.The results I received from my survey suggested that most people believed a male character to be the protagonist, however, I did receive some feedback that a female should be the protagonist due to majority of those that completed my survey were female. Additionally, that the actor should be young in their late teens. As for the location, it was suggested that a woods or urban environment would be most appropriate for my genre.

I used social media websites, such as Facebook to advertise my survey to make it more accessible to more people in my target demographic and to further my results by making it more accessible to a larger sample. Continuing on with my research I then used the website Prezi to analyse my results and this was useful as I was able to visually see the results from my survey and as a result I was able to pull my ideas and concepts together to help develop my early ideas into what I wanted to produce in my media product.

Furthermore, from researching the descriptions behind the different age ratings on films, I decided to rate my media product a 15 rating as I felt that this was the most appropriate target audience that would be relevant to my media product. Also, the majority of crime movies I have seen have tended to have been a 15 rating. In my target audience survey that I filmed, I surveyed Gabriella who regularly watched movies and was enthusiastic in doing so. She clearly identified common conventions that you would expect to see in a drama crime genre film.

By carrying out this research I was able to have a strong indication of the target audience for my media product that would be most relevant and successful for my film opening.

Evaluation question 3

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

During my initial research I looked at film companies and their Idents. I did this to establish the different roles of film companies such as production companies and distribution companies. I also thought it would be important to look at the genres of films they made and their budgets. I decided create an Ident that would be relevant to my genre.

On the whole the Idents that I looked at from different movies in the crime genre were all fairly similar and didn’t give away the genre of the film unlike Idents I saw from companies ted Pictures who clearly demonstrate the genre of horror. This is most likely due to the considerably smaller budget for companies like this who will solely produce films of 1 genre whereas other bigger firms can branch out slightly in films they chose to produce. Preferably I would use Paramount to produce my film.

Paramount is a film production company which has produced films such as Transformers, rings and twilight which appeal to a similar target audience as my film, from the age rating and the drama in each of those films. It’s large scale and high level of influence makes it the type of film production company I think would be ideally most suited to distributing my film. due to my target audience being teenagers and young adults, most will be interested in watching a film with extensive action scenes and good quality costume, props and CGI. These would only be achieved with a production company with a high budget and extensive expertise in their field. To cater for the needs of the special effects I would ideally enlist the help of a company such as Luma Pictures involved in films such as True Grit to create gripping and realistic CGI. I don’t think that an Independent film company would be my first choice to produce and distribute my film as often they produce films outside of the major film studio system and then sell them on in post production and I feel that I would need to have a good supply of high quality equipment which some of these companies may not have access to. This being said, my film would be coming from an unknown director and may struggle to get noticed by major companies. Once produced and distributed my film hopefully would generate a fair amount of revenue at the box office and rival other large-scale crime films. If I decided to go down the independent company route I would first use a crowd funding website such as Kick-starter to help fund some of the production costs of the film. The money used from Kick-starter would be used to fund costs of my film such as camera equipment, camera lenses and quality costumes.

I would use a film distribution company such as Warner Brothers or Columbia Pictures as they have previous success on financing action crime films such as Batman Begins and The Fate of the Furious. Film distribution companies are in charge of the release of films into the public domain. I think that the commission of a distribution company is crucial for my film as again, as I am an unknown producer there would be much more of a need for good quality advertising such as providing trailers and posters of my film to generate interest before its release, also, to help get myself, as a producer more noticed. It would also boost my films viewings as they would make it available to the public through more mediums such as DVD, pay per view or by online download.

I would choose to release my film on in major cinemas and later to release it on DVD to generate more money to pay back initial costs and to pay to the production company from ticket sales at the box office. I would then also post exerts of it on a universal broadcasting video website such as Vimeo or YouTube and feature a link which would direct people to purchase a copy of the film if they enjoyed what they had seen. I would use the film distributer Paramount Pictures who have distributed successful crime films, like mentioned before, as well movies such as the True Grit and the Mission Impossible franchise.

Evaluation question 2

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2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In order to evaluate how social groups are represented in my media product I had to look at similar movies from the same genre, which is the drama crime genre. From analysing movies such as Luther, Dexter, and the Wire I saw a common convention that males were the protagonists. Additionally to this I constructed a survey that was completed by my peers, in which they identified that they believed males to be the most frequently used protagonists in crime films. Furthermore, it was suggested that a drug deal would be carried out between youths in their late teens or early twenties. Also, it was suggested that to successfully include conventions from the crime genre that they should wear rugged clothing to give off a ‘dodgy’ impression.  To compare this with my media product I used two female protagonists to contrast the stereotypical male protagonist. However, I did use two female protagonist who were in their late teens to show some continuity in your stereotypical drug deal movie. Another convention that contrasted to the research I did into the crime genre and from my survey was the costume that my characters ‘should’ wear. My two female protagonists were dressed in casual, basic, mainstream clothes that could be seen on any teenage girls. This was to avoid the stereotypical rugged clothing as I didn’t want to lead viewers too much into what was happening in my media product as the intense climax is part of the conventions in my genre. Additionally, I wanted to use female protagonists as my primarily target audience would be more interested in female peers, therefore, this would appeal to them as they are more likely to be able to relate to the story being told. Also, I wanted to challenge those that relate boys to drugs to show that girls are ‘capable’ of crimes that are usually considered to be boy crimes. Therefore, this shows that my media product cannot represent the stereotypical male social group under the theme of drama crime genre, as for contrast I have represented female social groups as the foundation of my media product.

Evaluation question 1

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1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I believe that my media product portrays the conventions that you would see in the drama crime genre. A significant convention that is commonly used in crime genres is the consumption of alcohol and illegal substances, also, it is likely that it is set in a urban environment with naturalistic form of acting, rather than a cartoon for instance. I feel that I have portrayed these conventions in my own media product as after researching similar movies in the crime genre from my research into movies and TV series, such as, Luther, The wire, Dexter, 21 jump street and American Psycho, I decided to base my media product around a drug deal with two girls. I managed to incorporate the conventions into my media product as I located my opening in an urban environment in a rural coffee shop.  I controversially used two girl actors for the drug deal, I did this so that when it got to the end of my media product it was unexpected to see a drug deal taking place, also to challenge the conventions of a typical movie from the crime genre, which usually has a male as the protagonist. Furthermore, I believe this to be a convention in the crime genre as commonly you see a plot twist or there is an unexpected twist at the end. This is so viewers are intrigued to keep watching and they develop more a want to watch your media product due to intensity that is created. I tried to illustrate how people deal drugs in present day, as I showed how drugs are dealt subtly whilst the busy surroundings carry on oblivious to what is taking place. I used ambient sound in the background that you would usually hear in a coffee shop, repetitive, instrumental music that is continuously played on a loop. Then i used the technique of overlay to play recordings from police radios on top of the ambient music. This was to indicate to the viewers that there was a twist at the end of my movie product and to further portray the conventions of the crime genre, as a common characteristic that is in this genre is linked to the police. I also feel that my movie product develops forms of conventions from the drama genre. Common conventions that a drama exhibits is real life situations with realistic characters, settings and story lines. From which they portray journeys of character development and add intense social interaction filled with climaxes to keep the audience emotionally attached to the ongoing tension. The characters as already mentioned follow a naturalistic type of acting to illustrate the ‘real life’ convention and the setting is set in a naturalistic urban environment. The police radio recordings create the intensity and build up climax for the viewers as they are unaware as to what the the police recordings indicate at the beginning of my media product. Therefore, I feel that my media product uses, develops and challenges forms and conventions of real media products.